Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Insurance Defense

Liability Defense / Insurance Coverage Defense / Bad Faith / Product Liability / Fraud

Christensen Law provides legal service and advocacy for insurance companies and their insureds throughout Oklahoma.  Because of its extensive knowledge and experience in this field, our attorneys can provide case and budget analysis and resolution to claims of all types made against insurance carriers, from personal injury and motor vehicle accidents to property damage to product or premises liability, bad faith, fraud and more.  

Our attorneys work with numerous insurance companies and their insured parties, insurance service organizations, and self-insured businesses to provide comprehensive, efficient and aggressive litigation services.  We are involved in cases from pre-suit investigation through trial and are experienced in the full range of civil liability perils and exposures underwritten in the insurance marketplace and self-insured environment.  Our attorneys provide subrogation and recovery services, represent insurance carriers in coverage disputes with insured parties or other carriers, assist insurance carriers where misrepresentation or fraud are suspected, and provide initial response and management in catastrophic claims.  Contact the insurance defense attorneys at Christensen Law to learn what we can do for your business.

Business Law and Formation

Acquisitions / Business incorporation / business transaction negotiations / buy-sell agreements / land transactions / leases / licensing / limited liability companies / loans / mergers / non-compete agreements / purchase of business / reorganization / sale of business / letters of intent

Christensen Law offers the full range of services essential to the success of small to mid-sized businesses.  Our lawyers and network are experienced in all stages of business development, from initial formation and entity selection through financing to late-stage realization of value through a merger or acquisition. 

Drawing on Christensen Law’s resources and network, we bring to our clients’ wide experience in almost every essential business matter.  Call today to learn how the business lawyers at Christensen Law can help your business succeed.

Estate Planning

Wills / Trusts / Probate / Powers of Attorney / Health Care Documents

What are you leaving behind?

There are many legal strategies involved in estate planning, including wills, revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, durable powers of attorney, and health care documents.  Most people are surprised to learn they do have a plan in place.  However, that plan may be very different from what they would want for loved ones.  In the absence of specific legal planning, a person’s estate will be distributed after death according to Oklahoma’s laws of intestacy.  A properly drafted estate plan created alongside Christensen Law will replace the terms of Oklahoma’s estate plan with your own. 

Call today to learn how the estate planning attorneys at Christensen Law can help put your plan into place and protect those most important to you.

Contract Law

Contact Formation / Review /  Negotiation

In virtually every business, 100% of its revenue comes from contracts.  The need for each contract to be drafted correctly is of the upmost importance to the life of a company.  From everyday agreements to unique and complex deals, contracts are integral to business operations.  Christensen Law brings a practical, client-centered approach to solid, quality contractual agreements and negotiations.  The lawyers at Christensen Law bring a collaborative and stream-lined approach to contract drafting and negotiation, keeping the client’s business goals at the forefront of each agreement. 

Christensen Law has experience drafting, negotiating and reviewing all types of contracts, whether commercial or private.  We have experience with contracts involving: sales, leases, real estate and personal services.  Call today to learn how the attorneys at Christensen Law can help you avoid future legal problems through proper drafting and explaining your contractual rights and duties. 

General Litigation

Not every case can be easily categorized.  For instance, real estate cases often involve issues seemingly unrelated to the real asset such as disputes with neighbors or water flow.  Consumer transactions may be a type of business law but not fit within the corporate context.  Some clients have a contract, perhaps a handshake agreement or an implied agreement by conduct that has led to a dispute.   Because every situation is different it helps to have a knowledgeable and experienced law firm like Christensen Law that knows rules of procedure, knows how to take a case to trial and knows what both sides of the courtroom or table will do.  

Christensen Law has handled a variety of cases.  We look for creative solutions to avoid expensive and divisive court battles but litigate our cases aggressively when necessary.  Please call Christensen Law today to discuss your legal concerns. 

Appellant Practice

Appellate jurisdiction refers to the power of a higher court to review and revise a lower court’s decision.  Most appellate courts simply review the lower court’s decision to determine whether the lower court made any errors in applying the law.  The process begins after a lower court formally issues a decision in a case.  One of the parties can then submit an appeal for review by a court of appellate jurisdiction.  The submitting party is referred to as the appellant and the other party is the appellee or respondent.  During an appeal, the appellant often argues that the lower court erred either in applying the law or in conducting procedural aspects of the trial. 

Appellant practice requires specialized knowledge in procedure and law.  Christensen Law and its network of Oklahoma attorneys have successfully handled many cases through appeal.  Call the attorneys at Christensen Law to see if your case may be subject to appeal. 

Oil and Gas 

Mineral Rights / Land leasing / Royalty Contracts / Oil and gas damages / leasing insurance / Drilling agreement disputes / pipeline easement concerns / environmental issues / surface rights / drilling pipeline permits / oil, gas and land title examination / mergers and acquisitions / Corporate & transaction work / litigation

Dealing with oil and gas legal issues in Oklahoma requires a thorough knowledge of the law and industry.  Christensen Law has the network and experience to ensure that your interests are protected in any litigation or negotiation involving this area. 


Insurance coverage and disputes / and livestock financing / farm financing and borrowing / leases of land and pasture / livestock sales and breeding rights / contracts for storage and marketing of crops / agriculture and natural resources production contracts / water resources and drainage / succession and estate planning / land acquisition

Agriculture is a major force in Oklahoma’s economy.  More importantly, it is a way of life.  The attorneys at Christensen Law understand that, and a few have lived it.   We pride ourselves on understanding farm operations while recognizing it isn’t just a business.  Agriculture law covers a wide range of issues both at the state and federal level.  Whether you need assistance in the business world or representation before a court, an agency, governmental body or arbitration forum, Christensen Law can help. 


Christensen Law is a result-oriented law firm offering a full range of legal services to insurance companies, self-insured organizations, businesses, non-profits and individuals operating in Oklahoma and throughout the nation. 

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