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Accountable Care Organizations

Christensen Law Explains Accountable Care Organizations Accountable Care Organizations are a part of the Affordable Care Act that’s designed to give doctors incentives to keep people healthy and out of the hospital. Christensen Law explains this new denomination of healthcare in the article below. Written By: D. Wade Christensen, JD^ , J. Clay Christensen, JD^^ […]

Obama Care: A Pyrrhic Victory in Medical Law

Christensen Law Reviews Changes In Medical Law In this post, Christensen Law reviews how medical law has changed due to how healthcare has evolved overtime. The Obama Care medical law has been the center of controversy ever since its inception. The idea of universal healthcare is an idea many would favor, but its practicality has […]

Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Act 2011

Recent Changes To Workers’ Compensation In Oklahoma Recently, there were some pretty big changes in the way workers’ compensation is processed and handled in Oklahoma. Christensen Law is here to provide the most important changes regarding these law changes. Written by: D. Wade Christensen, JD*, J. Clay Christensen, JD**, L. Nazette Zuhdi, JD, LLM***, Adam […]

Chronic Pain Management: Legal And Medical Aspects With Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Prescription Drug Abuse has different effects depending on the severity of the abuse. As such, prescription drug abuse prevention needs to be flexible to deal with this changing severity. Christensen Law is well-versed in healthcare laws of Oklahoma and the history behind chronic pain management. Here’s an article we wrote to explain […]

Telemedicine: Law and Medicine

Telemedicine: Medical-Legal Aspects Telemedicine article written by: Adam W. Christensen, JD, MBA, Blake D. Christensen, DO, Nazette Zuhdi, JD, LLM, Jonathon M. Miles, JD, Adrian Maurer, MD, S. Sandy Sanbar, MD, PhD, JD Of all the professions one could think of to associate with the word precise many would probably list medicine and law among […]

Physicians : Plan Well. Live Well.

5 Factors Of Retirement For Physicians  Doctors are a certainly very special breed. They work long hours, get very little sleep, and endure heartbreaking loss. Doctors spend their entire careers helping others and saving lives, therefore; whenever one retires we know they very well earned it. When one retires, what they may not realize is […]

State Question 777: A Compelling Reason To Vote YES

Why Vote Yes For SQ 777 There are many reasons to vote in November, including one of the least understood, but most crucial pieces of legislation relating to Oklahoma’s agriculture: State Question 777.  It is important to know that this proposed constitutional amendment was drafted by rural Oklahomans for the benefit of ALL Oklahomans and […]